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10 Best Teepee Tents

Teepee tents aren’t new. They’ve actually been around for a long time and were usually built from animal hides spread over timber frames. They feature a huge central space and often have quite tall centers, which is probably why they have increased in favor in recent years.

Below are our top choices, should you need the best teepee tent in one of your adventures.

1. Blackdeer 4 Person Teepee Tent

best teepee tents blackdeer 4 person teepee tent

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This vibrant 4 Person Teepee by Blackdeer reflects the pinnacle of front country tents. It is inexpensive, practical, and simple to set up. The Blackdeer Teepee, unlike most other shelters of similar design, is a freestanding structure that can be moved and set up without the use of posts. It’s ideal for casual outings and outdoor gatherings, and it’s large enough to accommodate small families.

The main drawback is that, due to its size and capacity, it can be a little hefty in travel due to its four-post design. Regardless, this tent is a good option for anyone searching for a simple and sturdy shelter.

2. Vidalido Family Teepee Tent

best teepee tents vidalido family teepee tent

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The Vidalido Teepee Tent is a fairly conventional take on the modern teepee design. Its spaciousness, affordability, and customizability make it an attractive alternative for potential festival attendees and families. The central pole is obviously a role in moving around the inside of the tent, but that’s a problem with most tents of this kind.

Overall, this tent is best suited for backcountry adventures and car camping. It’s spacious, pleasant, and well-ventilated, with enough area inside to play cards.

3. PlayDo Waterproof Cotton Canvas Teepee Tent

best teepee tents playdo waterproof cotton canvas teepee tent

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The PlayDo Cotton Canvas teepee Tent is a massive, bomb-proof shelter. It’s better suited for usage as a basecamp than as a quick-fix tent. It has enough space inside to accommodate a big family or an adventure team with all of their stuff while remaining comfortable. It’s an excellent choice for hunters or anyone who expect to spend a significant amount of time outside and require a semi-permanent shelter.

Due to its sheer size, you’ll most likely need to split it up into different portions to transport it, or toss it on the back of a mule.

4. Ozark Trail 7 Teepee Tent

best teepee tents ozark trail 7 teepee tent

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Camping is a long-standing family ritual that is commonly regarded as a cost-effective alternative to vacation. As the popularity of the outdoors grows, so does the cost of outdoor equipment. The gap between low-cost, unreliable gear and high-end technical equipment is enormous, and there are few dependable solutions in between. There are some options, and they may be easier to locate than you think.

Ozark Trail’s 7 Person Teepee is a large, family-style tent at a very low price. There are few better options for housing a small group of people for a reasonable price, yet there are some significant negatives associated with the cost.

5. Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent

best teepee tents teton sports sierra canvas tent

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Those searching for a strong duty, four-season shelter should not overlook the Teton Sports canvas bell tent. The strength of its construction is unrivaled by any other tent in this book. It is appropriate for family outings to the woods, festivals, mule journeys, and other more strenuous activities.

This is an excellent option for people who are ready to put up with a little extra weight in exchange for integrity and lifespan.

6. Danchel 13 Foot Lightweight Family Teepee

best teepee tents danchel 13 foot lightweight family teepee

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Danchel’s teepee is a fantastic option for bringing friends and family into the outdoors. It incorporates all of the advantages of a teepee form tent and maximizes available area by using a tapered, bell-shape to verticalize the bottoms of the walls. While the “lightweight” descriptor is certainly debatable, the Danchel Teepee is indisputably compact in terms of durability and space.

You can be close to nature on your own terms, thanks to a wide door and three easy-access windows. Its weatherproof design keeps the elements out when necessary. This tent is best suited for large parties in warm areas due to its airy design and well-tailored ventilation system.

7. Wenzel Outdoors Shenanigan 5 Person Tent

best teepee tents wenzel outdoors shenanigan 5 person tent

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The Wenzel Outdoors Shenanigan isn’t going to blow you away with its toughness or resistance to the weather. However, as a shelter for casual outings, it is quite useful at a low cost and has the extra bonus of a beautiful patterned design.

It is built in the style of a traditional single-pole teepee. While the building isn’t self-standing, it’s lightweight and simple enough for a single person to put together, and large enough for five people assuming you get along. The Shenanigan is a robust tent that could be a good alternative for anyone looking for something simple to find in a crowded campground.

8. Gear Guide 10×10 Teepee Tent

best teepee tents gear guide 1010 teepee tent

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The teepee tents from Gear Guide bridge the gap between more robust, full canvas basecamp tents and the lighter family style choices featured in this guide. It’s small and light enough to take around for a time without sacrificing the built-in floor or the extensive weatherproofing measures.

The Gear Guide Teepee is an excellent alternative for serious vehicle campers and overland travellers in need of a large shelter.

9. Black Diamond Mega Light

best teepee tents black diamond mega light

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The classic Black Diamond Mega Light is a teepee tent that has been around since the 1980s in some form or another. The Mega Light has a strong following among ultralight backpackers and mountaineers due to its spaciousness, durability, and packability.

The pyramid design is as traditional as it gets for a teepee, and the upgrade to a silnylon body from coated polyester elevates the Mega Light to the top of the weight and ventilation rankings. It’s highly adaptable and popular among basecamp builders and backcountry minimalists from the slopes to the valleys.

10. MSR Front Range

best teepee tents msr front range

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The MSR Front Range is another example of a “Mid” style tent that may serve as an emergency shelter or a lightweight alternative to standard tents, keeping with the history of no-nonsense ultralight shelters. The Front Range expands on its already minimalist design by allowing users to replace the central support with a ski or trekking pole, significantly lowering the weight required.

It also features a pre-weatherproofed exterior, which saves you time and effort when taking it out into the wilderness.

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