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6 Best Spreader Bar Hammocks

Spreader bar hammocks are self-explanatory: they come with a bar, usually made of wood, that helps spread the hammock’s ropes apart. This allows it to hang better and wider, giving you more room rather than cocooning you in the middle and making you feel claustrophobic. This makes it a fantastic place to read, drink tea, or simply relax on a hot day while staying cool in the shade.

When shopping for a nice spreader bar hammock, you’ll notice that there are a number of low-quality options. It might be tough to know which products are worth the money and what to look for when shopping online, especially if you don’t get to see the goods up close and feel the fabric or wood for yourself. So, we’re here to help.

We’ll look at some of the highest-rated spreader bar hammocks and hammock stands in this post and see what they have to offer, so you’ll know what you have to choose from and which one is best for you.

Top Spreader Bar Hammocks

The best spreader bar hammocks are as follows:

1. NOVICA Fringe Hammock

best spreader bar hammocks novica fringe hammock

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NOVICA is an online marketplace that connects artisan producers with individuals looking to buy environmentally friendly goods.

Local artisans in Brazil’s artisan villages handcraft this hammock. The hammocks are all fair trade, and you know you’re dealing with a reputable company because they’ve partnered with National Geographic to promote their efforts.

The hammock is designed in the Nicaraguan style and is composed of 100% cotton with eucalyptus wood spreader bars. It features luxury fringe, which is a traditional style for this sort of hammock, yet it still manages to look exquisite and modern.

The hammock is 11’10ft long, with a large bed size of 7’7ft x 5’5ft due to the short suspension strings. It’s big enough for two people, but with a weight capacity of 300 pounds, you’ll want to avoid overloading it.

2. Ohuhu Double Hammock

best spreader bar hammocks ohuhu double hammock

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Bamboo is used to make the spreader bar, which is known for its strength and water resistance. It also has a curved spreader bar that helps to add extra balance. The handy clip in the middle, which allows you to detach it in half for easy storage, is another wonderful feature.

The fabric is a mix of cotton and polyester that strikes a good balance between comfort and durability. Polyester helps to address some of the drawbacks of a pure cotton hammock, such as the fact that it doesn’t absorb as much water as cotton does, making it easier to clean and less prone to breaking.

It comes with two straps and carabiners, as well as a storage bag, so you’ll be able to hang it in no time. The hammock has a total length of 10’6ft and a bed size of 6’6ft x 4’11ft. This is just about big enough for two persons, and the weight restriction of 441 pounds will suffice.

3. Zupapa Quilted Double Hammock

best spreader bar hammocks zupapa quilted double hammock

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Zupapa is most known for their trampolines, but they are rapidly expanding into other backyard products, including a large selection of hammocks. This specific hammock is referred to as a quilted hammock because it is constructed from two layers of polyester fabric that are stitched together and stuffed with additional polyester stuffing for added comfort.

This is not a traditional hammock, but one that has been tailored to the needs of the western market. It’s considerably easier to maintain than typical cotton hammocks, and it won’t do too much harm if left outside in bad weather, making it an excellent backyard hammock.

The spreader bar is made of bamboo and comes with a detachable pillow. It can be divided in half to fit into the supplied carry case. Spreader bar hammocks are notorious for flipping over, so this one has a curved shape that aids in balance.

The bed measures 6’3ft x 4’5ft and can hold 450 pounds, so you can relax alone or with another adult. It is 11 feet long from hook to hook and has an attached pillow that runs the length.

There are four fantastic patterns to select from, but Zupapa also makes a number of different hammocks, including some that come with hammock stands, so you might want to go over their entire collection.

4. Byer of Maine Spreader Bar Hammock

best spreader bar hammocks byer of maine spreader bar hammock

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Byer of Maine has become one of the most well-known names in fabrics and textiles, but their vibrant hammocks, as well as hammock stands and accessories, are perhaps their most well-known products.

Although this Brasilia hammock is created in Brazil, it is more akin to a Nicaraguan or American hammock than a Brazilian hammock. It boasts a higher 85 percent cotton blend than the other hammocks available, plus 15% polyester for increased strength.

The wooden spreader bar helps you get in and out of the hammock by keeping it open. The material has a luxurious appearance and feel, and the addition of polyester makes it more weather resistant while preserving the vibrant colors.

It’s only a single-size hammock with a 330-pound capacity, but with a width of 4’7ft, it’s still plenty of room for one person. Although there are two colorful designs to choose from, there do not appear to be any alternate sizes.

5. Lawson Blue Ridge Bridge Hammock

best spreader bar hammocks lawson blue ridge bridge hammock

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Because of the increased weight and space of the spreader bar, bridge hammocks are often less suitable for camping than gathered end hammocks. They are, however, ideal for anyone who loves to sleep in an open hammock and are frequently favored by side sleepers.

This Lawson bridge hammock is one of the best on the market since it can be used as a tent on the ground. It’s constructed of a nylon-polyester blend with reinforcing fibres to boost the material’s strength (known as ripstop). When you include the poles, the hammock weighs 4.25 pounds, which makes it a little heavy for backpacking. Even so, that’s akin to a tent.

The hammock is a single size, measuring 3’6ft wide by 7’6ft long. The Lawson bridge hammock with spreader bars has a total capacity of 275 pounds, which is just about adequate for one adult plus camping gear if you don’t have too much.

6. Vivere Rope Hammock

best spreader bar hammocks vivere rope hammock

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Because of the two wooden spreader bars that run across each end, this double-sized rope hammock by Vivere has an open design. It has a loose weave that allows air to flow through the holes, but the thick ply cotton is supportive and comfortable enough to hold your body.

It’s a 100% cotton hammock, which means it’s pleasant because the cloth will stretch to fit your body. However, it’s not as durable as others here, so it shouldn’t be left out in bad weather. The hammock has a 7ft x 5ft bed size and can carry two adults plus children due to its 450lb weight restriction. The hammock is 12.5 feet long in total.

Spreader Bar Hammock Buyers Guide

Here’s a quick rundown of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a spreader bar hammock:


Depending on the sort of hammock, you’ll have a variety of material alternatives. Cotton is one of the most popular textiles since it is not only inexpensive but also has a tiny flexibility to it, making it quite comfortable. However, if left untreated, it isn’t very long-lasting, especially if it is frequently wet.

Then there are synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, which are more durable and tougher but less pleasant. Many of the spreader bar hammocks on this page use a combination of materials to maximize the benefits of each.

Size and Weight Capacity

Here’s what the sizes mean and what you should bear in mind:

  • Length: The total length, measured from ring to ring, and the bed length, measured between the spreader bars, are the two lengths you’ll see. Whether you’re looking for a hammock for a specific location or stand, look at the overall length to see if it’ll fit. When hanging between trees, make sure the entire length is at least 2 feet shorter than the space between the trees. Refer to the appropriate hammock sizing for the stand when purchasing a hammock stand.
  • Width: When a hammock is defined as single or double, the width is usually referred to. Hammocks with a spreader bar are often narrower than hammocks without one. A single spreader bar hammock will typically be 3-4 feet wide, while a double will be 4-5 feet wide.
  • Weight Capacity: Hammocks will have a specified weight capacity that the manufacturer has rigorously tested. A hammock designed for one person typically has a weight limit of around 300 pounds, whereas those designed for two or more people typically have a weight limit of 400 pounds or more. If you’re going camping with your hammock, don’t forget to factor in the weight of your backpack.

Type of Spreader Bar

Spreader bars aren’t all created equal. The curving spreader bar on several of the hammocks featured here serves to bring the center of gravity towards the middle of the hammock, which aids in balance. Look for removable spreader bars with a clasp in the middle that allows them to be divided in half for convenient storage or transportation.

Wrapping Up

You want to know what to look for so that you obtain the greatest option possible, whether you want a smaller option for your patio or a larger option that you and your family can take on a camping trip. This article outlined some of the specifications so you’ll know what to look for if you decide to look for something not on this list.

This article will get you started, and whether you choose to buy one of the great options on this list or not, you can rest assured that you now know what to look for in a hammock so you can find a great option for your own vacation spot in your backyard, patio, or even inside your home that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

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