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8 Best Egg Chairs

It seems like everybody these days is looking to score the best egg chairs — they’re quickly becoming a garden staple everywhere. But it’s not surprising, really. There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying the warmth of the outdoors curled up in your little nook.

These egg chairs, with their hammock shape and solid frame, are a perfect complement to any outdoor space, adding fun and style regardless of size. They may be used on the lawn, patio, or decking, and because most of the chairs are foldable, they can also be used as a nice seat in your living room during the winter.

If you’re looking for one, take a look at our compilation of the best garden egg chairs available. With a few cushions and a throw, you’ll have the nicest seat in the backyard.

1. YeSea Swinging Egg Chair

best egg chair yesea swinging egg chair

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The YeSea is one of the few hanging egg chairs that can swing. When deflated, their egg chair measures 38 inches deep by 38 inches broad by 78 inches long, with a seat height of 42.5 inches, a seat depth of 25.6 inches, and a seat width of 29.2 inches. The cushion has a thickness of 6.29 inches, a width of 23.22 inches, and a height of 39.37 inches.

The heavy-duty aluminum base can support more than 300 pounds, and the powder-coated electrophoretic paint will keep your base from rusting. YeSea also made certain that the wicker and cushioning are weather-resistant so that the sun does not fade your swinging egg chair. You can use your chair with confidence whether you set it up indoors or outside!

2. Best Choice Products Metal Hanging Hammock

best egg chair best choice products metal hanging hammock

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Swivel to your heart’s delight in the Best Choice Products Metal Hanging Hammock, as the spinning carabiner will keep you in place as you move around. The base’s finish is weather-resistant, so the chair will look great whether you place it on your front porch or in your yard beneath a giant tree.

The offset base features four legs, making relaxing and lounging much more secure. Even if you do fall asleep while relaxing in this hanging egg chair, the legs keep the seat upright and prevent you from falling out.

3. Christopher Knight Home Cayuse

best egg chair christopher knight home cayuse

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The Christopher Knight Home Cayuse has an iron base with wicker and polyethylene rattan weaved strands all throughout. If you sit on this egg chair outside, you’ll feel the breeze through your hair and clothes as the openings allow air to circulate. The sun may beam right through indoors, allowing you to enjoy its warmth. To help you get in and out of the chair, sturdy handles are integrated into either side.

Tufted cushions are included in the price of your purchase. Because they are both water-resistant and non-porous, the cushions should retain their velvety appearance and feel even when used outside. The earthy tan cushions in an appealing neutral color are also a wonderful addition.

4. Modway Encase Outdoor Swing Chair

best egg chair modway encase outdoor swing chair

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The deep and wide seat made of synthetic double-woven rattan and wicker egg is suitable for a peaceful time alone. The egg chair is suspended by a chain from a powder-coated steel frame. The same chain allows you to swing back and forth as though you were one with the breeze.

A large and deep integrated cushion is UV-resistant and will not fade quickly. You won’t have to worry about the cushion if you get caught in a little shower. It should be alright because it is also water-resistant.

5. NICESOUL Wicker Hanging Egg Chair

best egg chair nicesoul wicker hanging egg chair

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If you’re on a tight budget but still want a high-quality hammock chair, the NICESOUL should be at the top of your list. The dimensions of this wicker hanging egg chair are 38 inches by 38 inches by 78 inches, with a seat that is 29.2 inches by 25.6 inches by 42.5 inches.

A safety strap is included with the NICESOUL Wicker Hanging Egg Chair for further security when you lay and recline on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The seat cushion with headrest pillow cradles your top half, allowing you to relax for extended periods of time without experiencing back or neck pain. If your cushions have become dingy after a few seasons outside, unzip the cushions at the back and remove the inner cushion to wash in the washing machine.

6. Greenstell Egg Hammock Chair

best egg chair greenstell egg hammock chair

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This chair’s distinctive teardrop shape, as well as its astounding weight capability of 300 pounds, set it apart. The Greenstell egg chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and comes with a variety of hanging options. Regular screws, expansion screws, spring snap hooks, and stainless steel pad screws are included, making this a well-rounded set of tools.

This hanging egg chair’s components are all resistant to corrosion and static electricity. Yes, you read that correctly: static. You don’t want your bulky clothes generating static electricity when you’re sitting on your hanging egg chair in the dead of winter. That is far from relaxing.

7. Island Bay Resin Wicker Espresso Hanging Egg Chair

best egg chair island bay resin wicker espresso hanging egg chair

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The Island Bay Resin Wicker Espresso Hanging Egg Chair is a good choice for a totally natural aesthetic. Its brown wicker base looks right at home among the trees and other foliage in your yard.

The stand is composed of steel and can hold up to 200 pounds. The U-shaped base, which is also made of powder-coated black steel, adds to the stability of this lovely hanging egg chair. The khaki cushion has tufting all over and is contoured to keep your body in position. The tufted cushion on this hanging chair is simply removable if you want to replace it with your own pillows.

8. Barton Luxury Wicker Hanging Egg Chair

best egg chair barton luxury wicker hanging egg chair

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The Barton Luxury Wicker Hanging Egg Chair’s beauty and simplicity belie its low price of under $200. This chair is 78 12 inches tall, 50 inches long, and 41 12 inches wide, with a pillow that is 6 12 inches tall and 13 inches wide.

The C-shaped steel frame is powder-coated and UV-resistant, so you may use this hanging egg chair outside or near a sunny window indoors. The provided cushion is six inches thick. It’s called a cushion by Barton Luxury, but it appears more like an oversized pillow. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself drifting off to sleep when reclining in this chair!

How to Choose the Best Hanging Egg Chair

You only want the best hanging egg chair though, and I’m here to help you get what you’re looking for. Here are some factors you must keep in mind as you mull over your chair options.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

It’s good to have the option of taking your hanging egg chair wherever you want it when the whim strikes.

Build Quality

All of the hanging egg chairs we’ve talked about are made with long-lasting metal bases like stainless steel or aluminum. Powder-coat coatings extend the life of these chairs even further. Aside from the foundation, the hanging egg chairs are made of hand-woven rattan or wicker, which has weather-resistant features such as water or UV protection.

These are high-quality chairs in every way, and they come in a number of price ranges!


A hanging egg chair’s deep, wide shape is intended to be comfortable. The addition of huge cushions that encircle your body makes these luxury seats even more pleasurable. If you want a comfortable spot to rest your head after a long day, you can even look for a chair with a headrest.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of your hanging egg chair will be determined by your personal weight. Whether you weigh 200 pounds, 300 pounds, or more, there should be a chair on the list that can fit you.


Aesthetics are undoubtedly subjective, but whether you want a natural look for your hanging egg chair or a more colorful approach, there is a chair for you. This is also true if you choose a straight or curved metal base, or if you prefer to swing rather than remain motionless.

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