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7 Best Cat Window Perch

It is completely obvious that indoor cats are healthier, safer, and live longer than outdoor cats. A cat window perch or bed is ideal cat furniture to acquire if you are the proud parent of one or more indoor cats and are seeking a perch that can provide an elevated resting or viewing location for the cat.

But for indoor cats, which are the best cat window perches or beds? What use do these window perches serve?

We’ll take a look at some of the best cat window perches and beds on Amazon in this article.

1. K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Hammock Bed

best cat window perch k and h pet products ez mount window hammock bed

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One of the brand’s most popular cat window perches is the K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Hammock Bed, which is also our favorite.

The semi-flexible EVA-foam material used in the K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Hammock Bed feels like plastic but is softer. A semi-pod design with a curved perching or sleeping surface distinguishes it. The EZ Window Hammock Bed, like other K&H pet goods, is created in China under strict quality control standards.

The EZ Window Hammock Bed features a wire-free and cord-free design that takes up very little space when installed. This implies the sleeping pod can be mounted on SUV windows, as well as other smooth glass or wooden surfaces. Three industrial-strength suction cups support the frame, which can hold up to 60 pounds. a measure of weight

2. Kitty Cot Original Cat Window Perch

best cat window perch kitty cot original cat window perch

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The premium Kitty Cot Original Cat Window Perch has a 0.75′′ diameter PVC plastic frame and is window-mounted. The frame tubes are not glued together, but they are designed to fit together perfectly.

A multi-color nylon fabric hammock cot is attached to the frame to give a pleasant resting place for the kitty. It is super-tough and water-resistant (due to the plastic coating on the fabric). This “Tiger-Mesh” cot is tough, chew-resistant, and appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. It can be hand washed with water and light soap or detergent.

Four innovative made-in-the-USA suction cups support the cat window perch, each of which can hold up to 12 lbs. a measure of mass Before attaching them, make sure to wash them in hot water. The elevated frame is held in place by two 0.125-inch thick stainless-steel support wires.

3. CatastrophiCreations The Cat Mod – Wall-Mounted Cat Bridge

best cat window catastrophicreations the cat mod wall mounted cat bridge

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This is an extremely functional system that can be hung near or below a window, or spanning it in the case of a narrower window. We love that these products can be customized to your cats’ needs, the room they’re situated in and that they can be expanded if your cat can’t get enough of climbing the walls!

You know precisely what you’re receiving because they’re created in the United States, and they’re made using cat-safe materials and finishes. They aren’t as soft and fuzzy as some cat ledges, but because of the various components that can be added, such as steps, ladders, and bridges, cats who can’t jump may easily have a clear way to climb up to where they want to be.

These are more difficult to clean, but the materials are durable enough to withstand strong vacuuming and spot cleaning.

4. Arf Pets Cat Perch, Wall-Mounted Wooden Shelf

best cat window arf pets cat perch, wall mounted wooden shelf

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This is a fantastic tiny kitty perch, however, it requires mounting to the wall, which, depending on your window design, may not provide the best view for your cat. Our preferences include the curved surface and appealing design. The flooring and hardware may need to be improved depending on where you choose to install it, but it’s a terrific product as is.

Your cat will appreciate the sturdy construction, which feels secure and does not wobble or shift once installed. Stick-on Velcro tabs secure the carpet strip, which may need to be sewed into a new piece of carpet if the one that came with it wears out. It’s not a good idea to leave the shelf without carpeting since a cat can slip trying to jump up onto it.

5. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Perch

best cat window petfusion ultimate cat perch

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One of our favorite suction-cup cat perch designs is this one. Rather than the more conventional design, which uses wires dangling from suction cups above the perch, the cat’s weight is transferred to the struts below, which keep it up.

Because this one has no wires, the possibility of your kitty getting caught or tangled in the wires is not an issue. The design allows it to hold more weight, and it will feel more stable for your kitty. We recommend adding a nice cat bed or pad to this cat perch for extended naps because the webbing material is not extremely soft and fluffy.

6. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Window Climbing Perch 45” Tall

best cat window petfusion ultimate cat window climbing perch 45 inches tall

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When you consider the typical cat window perch and consider the possibility of a cat becoming tangled in the wires that hold it up, or the possibility of suction cups randomly popping off and sending kitty crashing, the logical option is the old standby classic- a cat tree.

This one is designed to be used as a window perch and comes with suction cups to keep it firmly in place. We like that the sisal scratching pieces can be replaced if your cat damages them, and that this item can be positioned in a variety of ways.

It may be more difficult for elderly cats to reach, so place it near other furniture so they can get to it. Velcro to anchor the sleeping pad (or a shallow cat bed) to keep it from slipping off would be another alteration.

7. Tabby Napper

best cat window tabby napper

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This is a fantastic design that requires no suction cups, screws, bolts, or other hardware to assemble. For our Bengals, we simply wish it was industrial strength. It’s made up of a steel frame with two metal tabs that fit between your window sash and window sill, and a triangular strut beneath it that supports the cat perch’s weight. Within the frame, the fleece hammock is suspended.

It could not function with all window designs because the tabs aren’t deep enough or the right size to latch into the window sash. While the fleece hammock is rated at 60 pounds, we’re not sure it could support that much weight if it was clawed up or broken.

How to Choose the Best Cast Window Perch

When buying new items for your cats, there are a lot of factors to consider in your home setting. The temperament, size, and habits of your cat will all play a factor in selecting a suitable product. Do you have multiple cats? Some window perches aren’t strong enough to support multiple cats at once. Even if you have many cats who sleep alone, a window perch may prove to be so popular that it will need to accommodate more than one.

Keep your kitty’s needs in mind as well. If you have an elderly cat or one that is less mobile, a perch that is easy to reach can be a good idea. Some owners install “steps” to or near a perch so that a cat doesn’t have to jump as far. Many suction cup and cable perches have cables that dangle the perch from suction cups attached to the window, and cats with poor vision may become trapped.

And the perch’s steadiness is crucial for a cat’s safety. The perch should be well-anchored and should not wobble, tumble, or move around much. While a weight rating maybe for the continuous weight of a cat sitting on a perch, keep in mind that a cat leaping off or onto it will apply additional force and weight onto the perch for a little period of time.

It’s a good idea to try out any perch at home before letting your cat use it to make sure it works properly.

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