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5 Best Cat Hammocks

What was the last thing you bought for your cat? Maybe it’s high time you get them a gift… perhaps, a hammock? It would make a fun decorative piece for your house too! That being said, here are some of the best cat hammocks for your furry highness.

Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower With Hammock Bed And Scratching Post

There are other cat tree/hammock combinations on the market that seem similar to this one, but AmazonBasics has one of the best affordable cat hammocks for a few reasons. For starters, the pricing is reasonable given the number of positive reviews. The jute posts should withstand a lot of scratching, and cats like to scratch when standing, so it’s in the ideal position.

Because of its tiny footprint and lightweight design, this hammock is easy to move around and set where your cat will enjoy it the most. While many cat hammocks include toys, the AmazonBasics one is detachable, allowing you to replace the toy as it wears out or your cat loses interest in it.

The soft hammock should be able to support a large cat, but a very large breed, such as a Maine coon, may not fit comfortably. This cat hammock can only be spot-cleaned, and one reviewer said it skidded on her wooden floors, so it’s best used on carpet.

LUCKITTY Large Cat Hammock

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This kitty hammock is one-of-a-kind! It’s adorable — it resembles a human folding chair – and the seller claims it can even hold large animals. Depending on the size, more than one cat could utilize the LUCKITTY huge cat hammock at the same time. This cat hammock is also very low to the ground, making it less of a challenge for cats who can’t jump or climb.

The adjustability of this LUCKITTY hammock is one of its best features. You may adjust the angle of the chair to suit your cat’s preferences. If you have a cat who likes to scratch on your furniture, the sisal surface of the hammock should keep them away. The linked ball may appeal to younger or more playful cats, and the vendor provides catnip to urge cats to utilize the hammock.

CatastrophiCreations Cat Lounge Hammock

best cat hammocks catastrophicreations cat lounge hammock

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If you’re not sure about installing cat furniture on your wall, start with this hammock and then expand it to include planters, bridges, food bowls, climbing poles, scratchers, and more — a full cat habitat awaits!

This hammock is fashioned simply and robustly of bamboo and canvas fabric. For permanent bracket installation, you will need to find wall studs (or have a masonry drill and bit). It may require two individuals to locate the studs and ensure that the hammock is level.

Once the wood parts are in place, the canvas fabric can be removed for cleaning or replaced totally. This hammock is also available in natural and walnut wood finishes. The hammock is 16 inches wide and 11 inches deep, so if your cat is particularly wide, they may not be able to rest comfortably on it.


best cat hammocks kh pet products kitty sill

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This windowsill hammock appears to have everything. If you live in a chilly area, it is available in a heated version, and you can even select a model with a bolster that faces the window or the interior. Many windowsill cat hammocks use suction cups and rope or wire to adhere to the window, while the Kitty Sill relies on the strength of your ledge. If you have a large cat, you may not want to rely solely on suction cups to support their weight. The Kitty Sill can accommodate cats weighing up to 40 pounds.

The Kitty Sill can be installed with the included Velcro strips or by screwing it into the sill itself. If you rent your house, the former option may be more enticing, but some reviewers have noted that the Velcro glue wears away over time. Because the holes you’d have to create are so little, fastening it into the wood could be the best option – it’ll be all fun and games until kitty falls to the ground.

Unlike many other types of windowsill hammocks, this one is made of orthopedic foam. A removable cover makes washing simple, and a variety of colors are offered.

Vea Pets Luxury Hammock

best cat hammocks vea pets luxury hammock

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Many reviewers of this cat hammock mention how great it looks in their home, but what matters most is whether or not their cats enjoy it. The Vea Pets hammock is constructed simply, with a solid wood frame, rope, hooks, and cloth. The hooks are intended to keep the hammock from swaying and to make your cat feel more supported, although some cats may still dislike it.

According to the seller, this hammock can accommodate cats weighing up to 30 pounds. It’s a low hammock, so your cat won’t get any nice outside views from hanging out in it, but it does get them off the ground and gives them their own napping spot.

The cloth is removable and washable, but you must reassemble the hammock afterwards. Surprisingly, there aren’t many alternative hammocks with this type of structure to select from, but if you enjoy the look and ease of this traditional model, give it a go with your cat.

Maintaining Your New Cat Hammock

Proper care and maintenance of your new cat hammock can help it last longer and keep your cat healthy and happy. In terms of cleaning and care, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Many models can be machine washed to keep them clean and germ-free. Other areas may also require wiping down to eliminate trash and cat hair.

Finding the greatest cat hammock for your closest feline buddy does not have to be a difficult or thankless task. Understanding the features of the cat hammocks and remembering details like your cat’s weight and size will make the process go smoothly. Remember to measure the space where you wish to set up the hammock to ensure a proper fit.

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