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5 Best Brazilian Hammocks

Sleeping in hammocks is a South American tradition that extends back thousands of years. The classic Brazilian hammock is little more than a rectangular fabric or tightly woven net gathered at the ends and hanging with a low, deep sag that resembles a smiling face. From the anchors to the hammock, the suspension lines form a 30 to 50 degree angle. The sag generates a deep pocket, which keeps the occupant’s center of gravity low and stabilizes the vehicle.

We’ll go over the most important factors to look for when buying a Brazilian hammock in this article, as well as our top picks.

Best Brazilian Hammocks

Below are some top choices of highly rated Brazilian hammocks from users themselves:

1. Novica ‘Maritime Brazil’ Hammock

best brazilian hammocks novica maritime brazil hammock

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Novica is a marketplace that connects buyers with artisan goods creators. These hammocks are handcrafted in a tiny Mexican community and come with a backstory so you know where they came from. All newbie items are also fair trade, so you may rest assured that the creator was fairly compensated.

It has a playful marine vibe that would look fantastic on a boat or by a pool. It is 10’5ft in length and has a 7ft x 4’8ft bed. It’s comfortable and stretchy because it’s made of cotton, however it shouldn’t be worn outside in severe weather.

Because these items are handmade, sizes may vary, and they sell out quickly because they are not mass-produced. If this item is no longer available, I propose searching for ‘Novica Hammocks’ to view the latest selection.

2. Vivere Brazilian Double Hammock

best brazilian hammocks vivere brazilian double hammock

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The amazing thing about Vivere is that they have so many different colors, designs, and styles to choose from. The design seen above is one that I like, but there are over 30 options to pick from on their Amazon website, including stripes, checks, and others with traditional-looking tassels.

The 100% cotton fabric adheres to your body and supports your pressure points, making these hammocks extremely comfy.

There are also some great prices on hammocks that come with a hammock stand that is custom-sized to match the hammock. The manufacturer backs everything up with a 12-month warranty.

3. Best Choice Products Brazilian Hammock

best brazilian hammocks best brazilian hammocks

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For a low-cost option, we recommend the Best Choice Products (BCP) hammock. They are a well-known home and garden retailer that offers a diverse selection of products at competitive prices and with excellent customer service.

This hammock has a width of 4’11ft and a length of 8ft, making it ideal for two people. It’s made in the Brazilian style with cotton throughout, and while it hasn’t been reinforced, it’s still sturdy with a 450lb weight capacity.

BCP also sells low-cost hammock stands, so you can get everything at once and be confident that the hammock will fit well. A nice carry case that matches the fabric of the hammock is also included.

4. La Siesta Flora

best brazilian hammocks la siesta flora

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Although the open loop and plaits (known as cadejos) on the suspension strings indicate that this is a Colombian-style hammock, we decided to include it because the forms are so similar.

This is a family size, and with a 440lb capacity, two adults and children will fit comfortably inside.

It’s constructed of 100% organic cotton, which is my favorite hammock material because it’s not only environmentally friendly, but it’s also noted for being more pleasant because the fibers aren’t harmed when the cotton is handpicked rather than machine-picked.

The overall length of the hammock is 13 feet, so you’ll need a lot of room to hang it. It’s hand-made in Columbia, where the style originated, and with nine patterns to select from, you’re likely to find one you like.

5. RISEON Brazilian Hammock with Fringe

best brazilian hammocks riseon brazilian hammock with fringe

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One of its selling points is the lovely design, which features a beige color and fringe that gives it a traditional feel without being too overt.

The hammock’s bohemian style fringe will complement your home decor, and it may also be used outside. It’s constructed primarily of cotton, but it also contains 20% polyester, which adds strength to the hammock, which is important given its size and ability to hold two or more people.

With a length of 10’6ft and a bed size of 8ft x 4’11ft, this hammock can comfortably accommodate more than one person, which is aided by the 450lbs capacity. It comes with a convenient carrying case that can be used to transport or store the hammock.

Wrapping Up

Your hammock should, of course, be large and robust enough to support you and anyone else in the sling. Most backyard hammocks can accommodate two persons and have a weight capacity of over 400 pounds.

Most hammocks come with built-in loops or rings that you connect to a suspension system, but most don’t come with tree straps or a stand, which you’ll need if your yard lacks properly spaced trees. You can buy these items separately or hunt for a set that includes a hammock and a stand, which will save you money over buying the parts separately.

The sling material makes a difference when it comes to extending the life of your hammock. Cotton fabric or rope is more breathable than some synthetics, but it wears out faster and dries more slowly. Polyester is the most popular synthetic fabric, however colored colors fade over time.

Heavy-duty synthetics like Sunbrella, Textilene, Olefin, and DuraCord are the most waterproof alternatives. These materials dry quickly, are simple to clean, and are UV-resistant, so colors don’t fade as rapidly.

Unless you live in a warm region, it’s better to keep your hammock inside during the winter or other seasons when you won’t be using it. You may also purchase a hammock cover to keep it safe.

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